Kritter Sitterz provides personal and loving in-your-home pet care for your treasured furry, feathered and finned family members. Kritter Sitterz will visit with your pets up to three times per day to feed, water, give potty breaks, administer most medications, litter box and cage maintenance and, most importantly, to provide affection and playtime.

Having a pet sitter come to your home instead of boarding is better for your pet and for you. It eliminates your need to drop off and pick up your pets by a strict time frame, reduces your pets’ exposure to illnesses of other animals, and helps maintain the security of your home through crime deterrent services such as mail and newspaper retrieval and light and blind alternation. In addition to vacation care, we also provide regular daily visits for your pet(s) if you work long hours and don’t want them to be alone all day.

We provide full-service care for dogs, cats, birds, caged pets, and fish. We offer a full range of services including visiting to feed, water and play, just a quick midday potty break, walking your dog(s), providing transport to and from the vet or groomer, and even staying overnight in your home for those pets who need the ultimate level of care.

Our goal is to care for your pets with the same love, concern and attention that you lavish on them yourself. Whether you are going out of town on vacation, a few days for business, a weekend sports tournament, a quick day trip, or if you just work a lot, we want Kritter Sitterz to be the first AND last name you think of when you are arranging care for your pets. If you’d like to talk more about our services, please contact us.





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